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Ben Conway

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Ben Conway is an illustrator with the mind of a scientist. During his internship at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, he was able to clarify technical discussions between members of the mission team several times, and his understanding of Hall-effect thrusters was good enough that someone asked if he had a physics background.

Ben spends a lot of his spare time reading up on new scientific results and trying to develop a working knowledge of fields that he’s unfamiliar with. This can range from reading books to gain a better understanding of advanced physics, to conducting his own chemistry experiments to develop a new photographic process. With this knowledge of science and technology, Ben can interpret information and develop ways of depicting complex concepts—either to the general public, or to experts in different fields.

In addition to illustrating, Ben likes to create electronic ambient music, write science fiction stories, and go hiking.

Ben is currently available for freelance work.

You can contact Ben at

Ben’s portfolio Instagram (nonfiction illustration and surface design): benconway_portfolio

Ben’s other Instagram (music, science fiction, and things Ben has built): benconwayart

Ben’s Bandcamp: benconway

All pages with a brown background on this website are works of fiction.